How does this work?

  • Behind those simple entry fields you see there's a very powerful algorithm, containing years of manufacturing and machine performance data.
  • On the Simple Quote side just enter the basic dimensions of the object to be 3D Printed, the approximate weight of the product, a basic material e.g., plastic, metal etc. , choose the country where it might be made and you?ll have the 3DP price at your finger tips in moments.
  • For a more Advanced Quote, along with all of the options of a Simple Quote you may enter more specific information about the product. E.g., choose a specific production machine by name. Use the advanced material list to select from an wider array of materials. If you have a CAD file just upload the *.stl file (1 file per quote) and the algorithm will provide you with a cost estimate based on the files dimensions and all of criteria provided. This method of quoting is more accurate to the type of machine being used for production.
  • For those who want to predict the cost of a product based on a production technology not listed or not yet developed use Custom Quote. This section of www.ManufactureThis.Build will allow you take advantage of all Advanced Quote parameters. In addition Custom Quote takes a major leap forward by allowing customers to enter actual production technology performance specifications as well as manufacturing labor rates and much more to provide the most accurate quote of all.
  • The legwork has been done for you now you have the manufacturing knowledge you?ve always wanted right at your fingertips.


Will my quote be available forever?

  • You may download your quote for a particular set of input parameters as many times as you like.


Will the data I input as performance specifications be stored, used, shared, or sold?

  • The inputs used to provide a quote will not be sold, distributed, or used externally for any reason.


How does the pricing in the quote match the manufacturers? price I can expect?

  • The pricing algorithm used to provide quotes is very accurate to actual production but manufacturers must make a profit as well. The pricing will vary widely with the manufacturer target profit margins. Negotiate hard but be reasonable is likely the best way to get the pricing you need. ?.at least you know how much the markup really is.


What if I don?t see the machine type I?m looking for listed?

  • Go to the Contact Us link and send us the machine manufacturer and machine name.


What do I do to get my product designed or manufactured now that I have a quote in hand?

  • Go to the Contact Us link and send us a message with what you require.


When will other Manufacturing techniques be available?

  • Other manufacturing techniques will be available soon. We will keep you posted.


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