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The Truth About Manufacturing - anything, anywhere

  • How should it cost to manufacture this anywhere in the world?
  • What if I want to have this produced (3D printed) on a specific machine type. How much will it cost to make ?
  • How fast does the machine technology I'm developing need to be in order to produce parts at a price the market can bare?

With over 100 years of product development, engineering, materials, design for manufacturability and business development experience between us, we are a leading edge R&D team bridging the gap between great ideas and the cost of manufacturing entry.

If you've ever wondered how much it really cost to manufacture that overpriced product sitting in front of you, now you can know (warning, knowledge has many edges). If you need even more pricing acuity and you know what type of machine you want a product manufactured with, just select the type of machine by name and you will have cost information in hand within seconds. No more waiting for some online sales manager to provide you with a highly subjective quote. If you?re developing new production technology and question how much it will cost to produce parts on that new machine just enter a few key performance parameters & voila! Predict your own production cost anywhere in the world.

We have spent years doing the legwork for you. Traveling the world visiting OEMS, suppliers, service bureaus, service providers etc. Our proprietary algorithm incorporates every aspect of manufacturing 3D printed products. We are the Kelley Blue Book of Manufacturing!

For every entrepreneur out there who wonders how much it will cost to bring their idea to life, www.ManufactureThis.Build is the site for you. The lower barrier to manufacturing entry provided by 3D Printing doesn't make it free. Here's how much more than free it should be: www.ManufactureThis.Build.

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing is only the first iteration in our long list of algorithms designed to make your path to production easier.

Independent & Unbiased

This website and it's proprietary algorithm was developed and financed 100% internally. There have been no OEMs nor 3DP manufacturers nor customers financially vested in the development of this algorithm. No need to worry if you're getting an unbiased estimate of cost - You Are! The question is how will you negotiate with that knowledge in hand.

As a service to you www.ManufactureThis.Build will recommend a high quality viable manufacturer for your product in the region where you need it most. Just select "recommend supplier" once you're quote is processed and we will connect you one of the known reputable manufacturer of that region. In some cases we will allow you to place an order directly from our website.


make anything, anywhere

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